Doerr Building 

(1461 East 53rd Street) 

12:00  EKENG

12:30  Trell Love

1:00    Lee Farmer

1:30    SoloSam

3:20    Kenny Keys

4:00    Awmack

4:30    Juan Woodbury

5:45    Buscrates

6:30    PHENOM

7:15    AMPM

9:00    MrJaytoo



THE Promontory  


12:00  Shawnee Dez

1:15    Azieb Abraha

2:00    The Illisoul Crew / PHIL G

3:00    Shannon Harris

4:15    The REC Center

5:00    Tall Black Guy

6:00    StephStaa

6:45    American Narcissism / The Pirate Broadcast

8:00    AMFM Presents: Ace Da Vinci, Adad, Gem Tree, Hyphens feat.  Dxtr Spits & Lester Rey, Mother Nature, Pugs Atomz, and DJ                   Bonita Appleblunt



The Silver Room

(1506 East 53rd Street)

12:00  Joe Kollege

1:00    Chuck P

2:00    DJ Andrew Emil 

3:00    Steve "Miggedy" Maestro

4:00    Lori Branch

5:00    Sadie Woods

6:00    Eric "E-Smoove" Miller

7:00    Steve Bravo

8:00    Andy C

9:00    Jay iLLA

10:00  CLOSE



(1462 East 53rd Street)

12:00  John Simmons

1:00    David "Sound Culture" Chavez

2:00    DJ Whyteout

3:00    DJ Shani

4:00    DJ Dave Sabat

5:00    Darryl Spivey  

6:00    Craig Loftis

7:00    Joshua Reyes

8:00    Drew Mitchell  

9:00    El Caobo

10:00  CLOSE


Jojayden Handmade

(1457 East 53rd Street)

12:00   Gary Cummings aka Organik Soul

 1:00    DJ B-Man

 2:00    Arie Reyes

 3:00    FoxXxy

 4:00    MZ Nicky

 5:00    DJ Dreea

 6:00    Greg Gray / New Bang Clan

 7:00    Panama

 8:00    Akili

 9:00    Kevin McSwain

10:00  CLOSE


Connect Gallery

(1520 South Harper Court) 

12:00  Greg Winfield

1:00    Jamie Montoya

 2:00    Peter Croce

 3:00    Dave Britton

 4:00    Noshaluv

 5:00    DJ Chris Underwood aka the Preacher

 6:00    Josh Deep

 7:00    DJ Eddie Mills

 8:00    Leja Hazer

 9:00    Hesperian Sound

10:00  CLOSE



(1516 East Harper Court)

12:00   D2H

 1:00    Christa Schrupp

 2:00    Burleigh and Kaleigh Lester

 3:00    Toby G

 4:00    Terry James

 5:00    Black Terry

 6:00    Dee Jay Alicia

 7:00    Steve Maxwell

 8:00    Jozana

 9:00    DJ Reg

10:00  CLOSE


Hyde Park Records

(1377 East 53rd Street)

12:00   B Vax

 1:30    King Hippo

 3:00    Ashina Hamilton

 4:30    Shon Dervis

 6:00    Sean Haley

 7:30    Jaidot

 9:00    CLOSE



(1588 East 53rd Street)

3:00 - 6:00 

Brooks & Bars, Verbs & Vibes: Rap Inspired by the Poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks

Our Miss Brooks 100 (OMB100) is excited to curate a special experience honoring Miss Gwendolyn Brooks’ at Ancien Café as we continue celebrating her centennial birthday. Dedicated to Miss Brooks and her continued influence in today’s literary world, poets Keith Wilson, Tara Betts, Bettina Walker and Zoe Nyman will perform throughout the day. Also, performing are six emerging emcees from the School of the Art Institute: Yung Assata, Jihoon Woo, Young Kim, Martel Tinsley and Landon Tate will take the stage to spit raps and poems influenced by the words and themes of Miss Brooks. This set is curated by Quraysh Ali Lansana, poet, artistic director of OMB100, and professor at SAIC where he teaches a Hip Hop Poetics class.

OMB100 is an initiative supported by The Chicago Community Trust and Allstate in honor of Miss Brooks’ legacy and her enduring contributions to Chicago inspiring a new generation.



Keith WIlson

Tara Betts

Bettina Walker

Zoe Nyman

SAIC Student Poets featuring (Hosted by Yung Assata and Claire Smith)

           Yung Assata (HOST)

           Jihoon Yoo

           Young Kim

           Martel Tinsley

           Landon Tate

6:00    CLOSE


Hosted by Claire Smith and Young Assata



(1368 E 53rd St)

12:00     DJ Exec
2:00       Roc Smith
4:00       DJ Mike
6:00       Ricochet Coleman
8:00       Shahid
10:00     CLOSE



(5225 S Harper Ct)

Patrons of Sir & Madame and Block Party attendees will be able to take a break from the outdoor festivities within Sir & Madame. They will enjoy beer and light bites, and a takeaway of a custom “Heineken” Green dip dyed SIR or MADAME logo tee. The dye washing will take place on site.